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Creamy, while the aftertaste is lingering and balanced, with a delicate acidity


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  • Honduras: a small, beautiful country at the heart of Central America. Its location and terroir are ideal for growing coffee – in fact, it’s the world’s fifth biggest producer by volume (ICO, 2017).

    And despite high poverty rates and coffee leaf rust, the country’s specialty coffee production grows stronger and stronger. Many of its single origins have demonstrated high potential, such as this year’s Cup Of Excellence (COE) winner, a Parainema grown by Oscar Daniel Ramirez Valerio of Finca el Laurel, El Paraiso. It scored 91.81 points and sold for US $124.50/lb, a record price for Honduras.

  • We are roasting almost daily at our shop to ensure a fesh cup with each shipment. Yes, some coffees taste better at certain times regarding the time from roast to your pot, but we believe in getting you the most fresh bean available and letting you decide when you would like to brew it up. Usually, we are shipping out the day after roasting.