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Sweet, Citrusy, Raisins & Figs


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  • The Bugisu region on the western slopes of Mount Elgon is particularly well-known for its fruity, wine-like coffees. Yet more commonly you’ll taste sweet, citrusy coffees with notes of raisins and figs, MT. Elgon lies on the country’s eastern border with Kenya, and is actually East Africa’s oldest volcano. Coffee farms perch on its sides, shaded by forest cover and gaining vital moisture from steep water gullies. At lower altitudes, the harvest season is June to December; at higher altitudes, it doesn’t begin until July and will last until February.

  • We are roasting almost daily at our shop to ensure a fesh cup with each shipment. Yes, some coffees taste better at certain times regarding the time from roast to your pot, but we believe in getting you the most fresh bean available and letting you decide when you would like to brew it up. Usually, we are shipping out the day after roasting.